Full Service Charleston, South Carolina Law Firm

Your Long-Term Legal Team

Like a family doctor or full-service auto repair shop, our law firm seeks to develop a relationship with our clients that will last a long time.

At our Charleston area law firm based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, we are friends as well as law partners, which we believe makes us highly dedicated team players. We help each other in our effort to provide our clients with not only the best legal representation, but also the personal attention and high level of service that comes from a smaller law firm.

South Carolina Legal Problem? Look No Further

At Bluestein, Johnson & Burke, LLC, our attorneys represent the full range of individuals and businesses. While we are a general legal practice, there is nothing ordinary about the level of service and attention we provide to our clients.

At Bluestein, Johnson & Burke, LLC, our clients include:

  • Real estate buyers and sellers, developers, contractors, property managers, homeowners' associations and material suppliers
  • Personal injury plaintiffs in accidents ranging from a wrongful death to a slip and fall to catastrophic injuries resulting in lifelong medical needs
  • Persons charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving Unlawful Alcohol Concentration (DUAC)
  • Those seeking a divorce or who have child custody issues
  • Small businesses with issues ranging from incorporation to litigation
  • Defendants facing criminal charges in Magistrate, Municipal and General Sessions Courts throughout the Low Country and South Carolina
  • People injured at work or while on the job