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Accidents happen every day, no matter how careful we try to be. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was caused by another's negligence, contact Bluestein Johnson & Burke, LLC. Injury victims are eligible to pursue personal injury compensation from an insurance company, but dealing with insurance companies and their claims process can be frustrating for people who are already overwhelmed with the aftermath of an accident. Any Charleston personal injury attorney from our firm can lift that burden off of you and handle the entire process.

Injury Cases We Handle in Charleston County

If you have suffered any of the following injuries, we can help:

  • Soft tissue and spinal injuries due to an auto accident or truck accident
  • Repetitive stress or other on the job injuries
  • Traumatic injuries from construction accidents, container transport accidents or shipping mishaps
  • Serious head injuries or brain injuries
  • Disfigurement or scarring from explosions or electrical fires
  • Brain trauma or other medical conditions cause by a birth injury
  • Dangerous property conditions
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Minor injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident caused by inadequate signage, incomplete repairs, uneven sidewalks or other premises liability and building issues
  • Amputations caused by a manufacturing accident
  • Paralysis, loss of limb, loss of sight or any other serious loss from an accident
  • Injuries resulting from dog bites and vicious animal attacks

The seasoned personal injury lawyers from our Mt. Pleasant firm can even help if you have a matter involving the wrongful death of a loved one. Our team is here to stand by you during this difficult time. Learn more about your options and what our Charleston personal injury attorneys can do to protect your rights.

Hands-On, Personalized Legal Support for Injury Cases Throughout SC

We know that you're already going through a lot, financially, emotionally, and physically. Filing an injury claim can make things easier on you by compensating you for your medical treatment, hospital expenses, missing wages, and even pain and suffering. We can work with medical specialists, accident reconstruction experts, and investigators to help you build a thorough and effective claim. All you need to do is trust us and focus on recovering. Let our Charleston personal injury attorney do the rest.

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