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At Bluestein Johnson & Burke, LLC, we understand that the dismantling of a marriage is a traumatic time, even when both parties want the divorce. On some occasions, such as an adoption, name change or preparing a prenuptial agreement, the need for a family law attorney is a happy occasion. However, on most occasions, family law and divorce attorneys are retained to protect the family interests as spouses proceed through property division or child custody disputes, as well as alimony negotiations. These proceedings can often become acrimonious, but the guidance of Charleston divorce lawyers can help guide families through these tough times. Together, we can work toward an arrangement that transforms the end of a marriage into a new beginning for all parties involved.

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Sensitive Representation for Divorce, Custody, and Support

Working as a team, we navigate the most sensitive issues surrounding the end of a marriage. We work diligently to protect the rights of our clients while settling asset division, and we aim to facilitate a child custody arrangement that caters to the best interests of the children. As Charleston family law attorneys, we pride ourselves in our accessible legal representation and offer you evening and weekend appointments to cater to your busy schedule.

Our Mt. Pleasant family law attorneys offer services that include:

  • Legal counsel for the equitable division of marital property - whether you are a simple homeowner, share a family-owned business or are a business executive needing a forensic accountant.
  • Representation in child custody hearings involving custody modifications, parenting time modifications or representation for grandparent's rights.
  • Defense or plaintiff actions for domestic violence including protection orders and child custody or visitation rights based upon these protective orders.
  • Family law attorney services for child support modifications, collection of unpaid support, spousal support or alimony and alimony modifications.
  • Legal representation for minor children charged with status crimes (underage drinking or smoking) or juveniles charged with misdemeanors or felonies.

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