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Were you injured at work? If so, then you have certain benefits that you are entitled to receive under South Carolina workers' compensation laws. At our firm, Attorney Brian C. Johnson specifically handles workers' compensation cases.

Workers' comp benefits can cover all expenses related to your injury for the entire duration of your injury. Regardless of who was at fault, injured workers are eligible to file for workers' comp benefits through their employers. There are some exceptions to who is eligible, so contact our workers' compensation lawyers in Charleston County to learn if your case qualifies.

Why Choose Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Mt. Pleasant?

  • 40+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Evening & Weekend Appointments
  • Hands-On, Team Approach to Every Case
  • Excellent Client Communication & Accessibility

Learn about what you may be able to recover in a claim. Set up a consultation with a Mt. Pleasant workers' comp lawyer.

Step-by-Step Guidance Through the Claims Process

Workers' compensation is often a very complicated process that involves extensive paperwork. Many claims are initially rejected because of minor mistakes or oversights in the application. Make sure that your application is prepared thoroughly and accurately. Our team of workers' comp lawyers can guide you through the process, making it easier for you! We are hands-on with every aspect of a case,and are always accessible if you have any questions. We also offer weekend and evening appointments for your convenience.

Some Of the Benefits You May Be Entitled To Include:

  • 2/3 of your average weekly wage while you are out of work, or a partial payment if you are unable to work a full work week
  • Medical mileage reimbursement
  • Reasonable medical treatment for your injuries
  • Prescription coverage
  • Settlement based on a permanent injury or disfigurement

If there is a liable third party involved in your injury, such as a contractor, vendor, or equipment manufacturer, then our Mt. Pleasant workers' comp lawyers may be able to help you recover additional compensation. We can help you determine whether personal injury action or workers' compensation would be best suited for your situation. Find out more by speaking with a member of our team.

Have questions about your rights? Call (843) 418-0750 to speak with our Mt. Pleasant workers' comp attorneys.

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