Blog Posts in 2015

  • 22-Dec-2015

    I've Been in a Car Accident! What Should I Do?

    A car accident can be an incredibly jarring and frightening experience. After a collision, it can be extremely easy to fall into a state of panic and lose control of the situation. It is extremely important that you remain calm and focused in order ...
  • 15-Dec-2015

    How Long Do I Have to File a Workers' Comp Claim in South Carolina?

    While a majority of people have heard of the concept of workers’ compensation, many are unaware that injured workers are only permitted to file a claim within a certain amount of time. This concept is known as a statute of limitations, or a set ...
  • 19-Feb-2015

    Divorce - Dividing Property (Assets)

    How do you divide property in a divorce or separate support and maintenance action? Every client wants to know how the court is going to divide their assets. Over the course of a marriage, whether it is short or long, couples accumulate assets and ...


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