Recent Posts in Divorce

  • 19-Feb-2015

    Divorce - Dividing Property (Assets)

    How do you divide property in a divorce or separate support and maintenance action? Every client wants to know how the court is going to divide their assets. Over the course of a marriage, whether it is short or long, couples accumulate assets and ...
  • 22-Nov-2014

    Financial Declarations in Family Court

    The Family Court Rules require you to submit a financial declaration in every case involving economic issues. This includes almost every family court case. Divorce, child custody and child support cases all require every party to the action to file a ...
  • 17-Nov-2014

    Warning!!! Think and Rethink before Sending!!!

    My law partner proofread my submission on the Ostrich and discovered a few grammatical errors and typos. It reminded me of the necessity of proofreading before posting, or in the case of my clients, proofreading before sending emails and texts. ...
  • 13-Nov-2014

    Do Not Be An Ostrich!!!

    Representing divorce clients for almost a decade has taught me that people respond to stress and difficult times in very different ways. Previously, I have warned against spending more money than is economically practical litigating over material ...
  • 23-May-2013

    Use Your Sense, Not Your Cents in Your Divorce

    All too often clients let emotions get in the way of their separate support and maintenance or divorce proceeding. Emotions, like principles, as they say, can be expensive. Make a List That Prioritizes What is Important I always asks clients to sit ...


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