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Do Not Be An Ostrich!!!


Representing divorce clients for almost a decade has taught me that people respond to stress and difficult times in very different ways. Previously, I have warned against spending more money than is economically practical litigating over material things. Please do not confuse being economical with being an Ostrich.

When confronted by a predator an ostrich will bury its’ head in the sand. Ostriches avoid conflict, avoid reality and, worst of all, avoid fighting for themselves and what is right. I have seen too many clients that come in to meet with me when it is almost too late. They have been ostriches when they could have been preparing to defend themselves, protect their assets and protect their children.

I would never encourage someone to give up on their marriage. What I do encourage is being prepared when things start to go bad. Know your finances, know your children’s teachers, coaches and friends. Be active in your life!

Active clients meet with me and know their assets and debts. They are involved in their children’s lives. Most importantly, their knowledge of their situation allows us to decide what to fight for and aggressively pursue the results they want.

It is amazing the difference we can achieve when we dictate the fight. A lawyer once told me that he does not deal in reality, he deals in perception. By being prepared we can control the perception and, hopefully, control and win the fight!

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