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Beat the Field Sobriety Tests


I have been receiving emails and calls about how to beat the Field Sobriety Tests. As promised, here goes . . .

First, let me say that the only way to assure yourself that you do not get arrested for driving under the influence is to avoid drinking alcohol and driving a motor vehicle. That being said, the second best technique is a good defense. As I previously stated, I would not do field sobriety tests or provide a breath sample if I was suspected of driving under the influence. I do not trust random physical tasks or a breath machine to tell me if I can safely operate a motor vehicle.

However, if I were to gamble on taking the field sobriety tasks, I know that I have an advantage because . . .


I don’t use the expression as a cliche! When I attended the police academy we, as future police officers, practiced field sobriety tests almost daily. Muscle memory eventually kicks in and you are able to stand on one leg for thirty seconds, walk a straight line and say the alphabet. Practice, practice, practice.

The other reality of practicing is that you always practice as close to possible as “game time conditions”. This means you should actually practice after consuming alcohol!!!

One night at a party one of the other guests asked me about field sobriety tasks, I went to demonstrate and lost my balance. I ultimately completed the tests successfully but after that I learned the necessity of practicing under “game time conditions”! Your balance is not the same and your memory is not the same unless you train your muscles and memory while consuming alcohol.

Remember, the only way to ensure you never receive a DUI is to never drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination thereof!!!

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